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Whether in a literary field or in the fields of industry and manufacturing, translation is not merely a simple matter of converting words into another language. With technical and non-technical materials alike, the inability to understand nuance and implied meaning can lead to grave errors in translation. At Cross Roads, where we pledge to provide the best in language services and assist our clients with their business communication needs, we have assembled a fully-qualified translation staff, with the specialized and technical knowledge necessary for a wide variety of projects, in order to ensure that we provide our clients with only the most appropriate and accurate results.
Areas of translation All technical fields

English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, Indonesian, etc.

Our Translation Process
The diagram below illustrates our translation and translation/layout/design process, as well as the staff involved in this process. Our staff works with a copy of the original document given to us for translation, the original document being placed in safekeeping until our client has received the final translation. To make doubly sure that there is no information leakage, we assure our clients that the copy we make will be properly shredded and disposed of when the project is completed.
Our Translation Process
This process may be modified to accommodate the needs of a given project.
The coordinator will monitor the entire process.
The coordinator will inform the client of any questions or points needing clarification which arise during any part of this process.
The finished translation will be delivered by e-mail (for 3 Mb or less of data) or MO disc/CD-R (for more than 3 Mb of data).
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